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Due to my moms recommendation I got an opportunity to join the 25th HAFS CAMP I have heard about HAFS through social media and other students but it was thrilling that I got to visit HAFS and actually stay there. Every day at the HAFS camp was meaningful? getting to learn new things, meet new friends, and listening to lectures from the most famous teachers.

To start talking about the classes we took at the camp there were 8 classes that we got to listen to those classes were English Debate, Extended Essay, English Film: culture and life, English Presentation: current issues, Sports club A, Sports club B, English Activity, and Homeroom. English debate was a fun class where we got to learn about asian parliamentary debate, how the debate works, and got to debate about fun motions, like THW(This House Would) kill baby hitler, THBT(This House Believes That) child labor should be justified in developing nations. Also at the end of learning about AP debate we got a chance to debate with other classes and go to the debate finals and win an award. Even though I didn't get to go up to the debate finals I got to learn some useful skills about AP debate and a lot more about what to do in an actual debate. Out teacher was great at debating and gave us some useful skills while debating. Overall the debate class was a fun and entertaining subject to learn in HAFS camp. 

Next class is English Presentation: current issues. The class english PT is where we got to learn about current issues and finally got to do an 8 min presentation based on our research and the things we learned during the PT class. Our topic for the presentation competition was very hard which was medicine there were 4 topics for the final presentation it was Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease, Epilepsy, severe mental illness, and neurodevelopmental disorder even though it was the toughest class in the camp it was very unique and fun, and I got to learn more about how to pick an good topic and how to present that topic according to the rubric. 

The next class is Extended Essay, this was the most exiting and fun subject to do we got to learn about the structures of an essay and we wrote 3 essay in class, all 3 essays had an different topics. He explained to us about the structures of an essay and the topic of the 3 essay were really interesting it was how do we build an strong family relationships among families, digital textbooks or paper textbooks whats better and should human cloning be allowed? It seems like we got to learn a lot about writing essays and more about how and why we should write essays. The next class is english film the class oof english film was the only subject that had an final test at the end of camp this class was learning about vocabularies through watching movies and learning about how well movies are structured and how they connect this was an fun class where we got to watch movies and have fun. 

The next class was These two subjects were very fun. First sports club A, we got to learn about Lacrosse and actually played Lacrosse it was fun but also hard at the same time because it is not that familiar sport to me. Sports club B, we did pilates and this was the most efficient class in sports clubs we learned many different gestures that helps our body to get back in to its original healthy states. I got to know how badly influenced my body was by gaming and wrong gestures and while doing pilates I felt refreshing it was very helpful to me. 

The next class is English Activity. This was a class where we got to learn about different subjects and according to the subjects we made different stuffs. For the first week it was learning about Van Gogh's life and recreating his art work, the starry night and Gogh's bedroom this was a fun thing to do because I like van Gogh's specific feeling of art and his specific paint touches and it was interesting that we got to make Gogh's most famous arts again. For the second week the subject we were talking about was the planets and the stars (astronomy) we got to learn about specific examples and explanations of different planets and we learned about zodiac signs and we made our zodiac signs by LED lights it was fun to make our zodiac signs. For the third week we learned about different places of earth and made our own passport. Overall this class was fun that we got to learn about different things that our other classes didn't cover and we got to make something so that was fun. 

The final class was Homeroom this was a class where we got to do extra work according to our homework or sometimes we prepared for our upcoming competitions. 

During the camp there were many exiting things that we did during the weekends for example we did goldenbell, Talent shows, and we did athletic competition. Those events were very fun to do in camp. There were 7 different special lectures that helped us learn things. The most memorable lecture was Joanna teachers entry exam, universities, and future jobs. Finally the foods at the camp was amazing. I learned how to stay away from my phone, made new friends, and met amazing mentor teachers. 

I still remember all the things we did in the camp and all the things that we learned all the memories will be unforgettable. I want to thank all of my DUKE classmates and all the amazing mentor teacher teachers that helped to make this camp great. THANK YOU

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